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Stars and Groups


Stars and Groups allow users to organize pages, features, and guides to easily find and view different items.


Stars let each individual Pendo user select pages, features, and guides that are of most importance to them to allow for easier access to those items throughout the app.

A gray outline of a star exists next to pages, features, and guides. Click the star to turn it on, and click it again to turn it off.


At the top of the page on the pages, features, and guide list pages, there is a filter to show only starred items.


note: All users can star pages, features, and guides. Stars are unique to each user. You can only see and modify your starred items.


Users can organize pages, features, and guides into groups. These placements are subscription wide - meaning any movement of an item to or from a group affects the groups for the entire Pendo subscription. Each user has their own filters so groups can be hidden or revealed as desired, however.

The same groups exist across pages, features, and guides and can be accessed by clicking the inverted triangle icon as seen below:


tip: Groups can be used in conjunction with stars. For example, you can see only the starred items from only Group A by clicking the Star button and checking Group A under Groups at the top of the page.

Edit and delete Groups

After you create a group, you can go back and adjust the settings as needed. To edit, select the Group dropdown within the Filters option and select the edit icon:


If you need to delete a group, make sure to move any pages or features out of the group first. Then, you will be able to click on the "Delete Group" option and confirm the deletion.




  • Creating and naming groups can only be done by admins
  • Changing existing groups for pages, features, and guides can be done by all users except read-only users
  • Group deletion can only be done by admins

Grouping Strategies

While there is no generally accepted ‘best’ method of applying groups, here are some ideas to get you started.

Grouped by page structure or type of feature

Each group references a section of any given page. A group here might consist of each navigation bar on all pages, or all the buttons and features associated with a certain type of action. Think of each page containing multiple groups.

Grouped by pages or products

Each group, in this case, references a conceptual page or product. A group might consist of all of the account management features and items for a type of user or each of the items belonging your homepage. For this strategy, each product or core page content will usually include only one group.

Grouped by initiatives, team responsibilities, or priority

This is a more abstract strategy, but helps to unify team perception around what’s happening with the product internally. Here, groups might consist of a general priority system of how much attention internal members feel those items need or which team is responsible for them. This strategy is more active and creates more effort managing the groups, but it also allows them to help target items from a product management and success perspective.

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