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Zendo: Pendo data in Zendesk

Pendo Integration on Zendesk Apps Directory


Empower your Support teams with key customer information and contextual product usage data right where they live inside Zendesk. By using the Pendo app, your support agents will be able to close tickets faster by having access to key product and user information right where they live.

Know exactly what a user was doing right before a ticket was filed

Get product usage information including features, pages and more that was being used right before the user filed the support ticket. By having detailed session usage information the support agent has greater context leading to happier, faster support ticket resolution.

Key customer information at the visitor and account level

Have better context of a user’s profile such as usage frequency, depth of understanding of the product and more right alongside the support ticket.

Installation instructions

Create integration key in Pendo

You will need to create a Pendo integration key that will be used to access Pendo data from within Zendesk.

note: You will need to have Pendo admin permissions and integration key access turned on in order to set up the integration. This key is different from the key that appears in your Pendo JavaScript snippet.

Determine how you will identify your users

The integration requires that users be identified by their email addresses. While the integration is in beta, email is the only supported mapping.

By default, if you use an email address as your VisitorId in Pendo we’ll automatically find your users. If you use something other than email for your visitorId, but pass email as metadata to Pendo then you can specify that when you install.

During install, make sure you check "Enable searching metadata for use email" and fill in the "Email field name" with the <metadata group>/<metadata field>.

A few possible examples might be:


To view existing data mappings, navigate to admin settings in Pendo and then click on the Data Mappings tab.

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