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Zapier integration overview

This article explains how the integration works and the process of setting it up.

note: You will need to have Pendo admin permissions and integration key access turned on in order to set up the integration. This key is different from the key that appears in your Pendo JavaScript snippet.

If you do not have admin access, you’ll want to reach out to your Pendo admin and they will be able to adjust your permissions.

If you do not have integration key access, please reach out to

tip: If you are encountering issues with the integration, jump ahead to Errors and Recommendations.


Pendo’s beta integration with Zapier makes it super easy to take action on everything a user does in your product. By leveraging over 500+ Zapier supported apps, you’re able to connect to just about any product, and do just about any action you can come up with.

How it works

Pendo Segments and Reports

For every action you want to automate with Zapier, you need to tell it which accounts or visitors the automation should apply to. That’s where segments come into play. The segment rules define which visitors will end up on the report, and the report defines the visitors and associated data will end up in Zapier.

When you make a Zap (Zapier’s term for workflow), you will link a Pendo report to Zapier. When this happens, Zapier goes into Pendo and takes a snapshot of the report and the visitors who appear on it at that moment in time. It uses this snapshot as the foundation for automating actions moving forward.

note: Zapier is not intended to be used for one-time, bulk, actions. If you’re looking to bulk email users, you should simply download the visitor report as a .csv file and upload it to the email client of your choice. Zapier is intended to automate future activity so that you do not have to manually do it each time.

Dependent on your plan level, Zapier will go into the report every 5-15min and look for any new additions to the list. If it finds a visitor that was not there last time it checked, it will fire off the next step of the Zap. If it does not find any new visitors, it will not do anything and will check the report again in 5-15min. This process repeats itself indefinitely pending you do not exceed your Zapier plan limits.

Configure Pendo

Create Pendo Integration Key

Before heading over to Zapier, we need to set up an integration key in Pendo.

Under settings, click on Integration Keys.


Click Add Integration Key and give the integration key a name. When finished, click Create.


Now that you’ve generated an integration key, head over to Zapier and create a free account or log into an existing one.

Configure Zapier

Link Pendo and Zapier

While Pendo is still in beta, you won’t be able to access it by searching from Zapier’s dashboard until you’ve been invited. To be invited, click here and then click Accept the Invite & Go to Dashboard.

Now that you have access, you can go ahead and link your Pendo subscription to Zapier using the integration key you created in previous steps. To do this, locate and click Make a Zap at the top of the Zapier dashboard.

You’ll be prompted to choose a trigger app. Search for Pendo.


Next you’ll be asked to select a Pendo trigger. Right now, Pendo only supports one trigger so it should automatically select the default trigger. If it doesn’t auto-select, click Visitor in Report and then click Save + Continue.


Here is where you’ll need the integration key. Click Connect a New Account. A window should appear where you can copy + paste your integration key into. When ready, click Yes, Continue.


That’s it! When you’re ready to set up your first zap, check out some of the recipes below.


Send NPS (poll/survey) responses to Slack

Errors and Recommendations

If you are receiving errors with our beta Zapier integration, check below for troubleshooting recommendations.

Invalid Integration Key (403)

If you receive the following error while trying to authenticate your Pendo account with Zapier, it means the integration key wasn’t valid. Double check the key to make sure it matches the one you generated in Pendo. If it is not an exact match, it will not authenticate.


Read timed out.

"Your Zap titled ‘Zap Name’ has been turned off because we’re getting repeated errors nearly every time we try to run it."

This is due a 30 second timeout set on the Zapier side. To alleviate this issue, try shortening your report’s date range in Pendo. If you still continue to encounter issues, reach out to

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