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Empty rows in reports


When creating Account or Visitor reports, the report will only show data rows of Accounts or Visitors that meet the segment and date range criteria.

When utilizing our Salesforce Push Integration with a report, you may notice additional rows that would not normally be included in the report - and these row’s may have “0”s for values.


These empty rows are necessary for Salesforce Push because Accounts/Visitors without data still need to be mapped 1:1 with Salesforce objects.

Can I undo this?

At this time, the only way to remove the empty rows is to create a new report with the same parameters.


We have a Visitor report segmenting on users that have visited a certain page yesterday. This report has enabled Salesforce Push.

Our visitor John viewed this page yesterday and appears in the report. The next day, John does not visit the page, but he will still appear in the report with no data. It is important for this absence of data to be communicated to Salesforce so that the salesforce field can be updated accordingly.

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