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“Test on Device” Troubleshooting

If you are having problems pairing your mobile device with the Pendo Console, see the information below for common causes and associated fixes.

I scan the barcode, but nothing happens! (white screen)

  • Possible Solution A: The relevant Android activity has not been added correctly to the App manifest. Verify that the activity was added inside the application tag and that the app schema is matching the schema in the SDK installation instructions.
  • Possible Solution B: Your organization has the websockets protocol disabled
  • Possible Solution C: First ensure that the app which is installed on your device matches the selected app version in Pendo Console. To check the relevant app version, go to:Pendo’s Mobile Guides and check the ‘App’ .

I’m unable to scan the barcode.

  • Possible Solution: Try alternative pairing methods such as sending yourself an email with a pairing link and opening it on your device. If this method works, try installing a different QR reader for future pairing.

The app opens but the Web Console indicates it’s not paired

  • Possible Solution: Ensure that you have network connectivity on your device. Next, make sure that the app version selected in the Web Console matches the app version installed on your device. On an app’s screen management page, the app version is selected in a dropdown on the left-hand side of the page. When creating a new insert, the app version is selected on the first page of the creation wizard.
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