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Client side data installation


This article is for customers who populate their pages with user/customer data from client side.

Your Installation Snippet

Your Pendo installation snippet can be found on the Install Settings page (only accessible by admins), and can be inserted into your common HTML template as is for most apps. It can take up to 2 hours for data to initially feed into Pendo. You’ll receive an e-mail once we begin receiving data.

Install Snippet

Identify a User After Login

warning: The following is sample code that should trigger when you know your user’s information. Your actual code is available on the Install Settings page.

    (function (apiKey) {
        (function(p,e,n,d,o){var v,w,x,y,z;o=p[d]=p[d]||{};o._q=[];

        if (Auth.isLoggedIn(user) && Account.isLoaded(user.account)) {

            // Call this whenever information about your visitors becomes available
            // Please use Strings, Numbers, or Bools for value types.

                visitor: {
                    id: 'VISITOR-UNIQUE-ID'   // Required if user is logged in
                    // email:        // Optional
                    // role:         // Optional

                    // You can add any additional visitor level key-values here,
                    // as long as it's not one of the above reserved names.

                account: {
                    // id:           'ACCOUNT-UNIQUE-ID' // Highly recommended
                    // name:         // Optional
                    // planLevel:    // Optional
                    // planPrice:    // Optional
                    // creationDate: // Optional

                    // You can add any additional account level key-values here,
                    // as long as it's not one of the above reserved names.
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