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Pendo in development and testing


We encourage including the Pendo agent in all instances of your web application except some automated testing. Including Pendo ensures developers and testers are working in an environment as close to production as possible. You may be able to catch possible badge, guide, page and feature issues due to changes in your web application before pushing to production.

Automated Testing

The Pendo agent should function properly in automated testing, but may not provide value in many cases. Including the Pendo agent in detailed inspection routine may noticeably slow down tests in addition to generating a large quantity of usage data which does not provide value. We encourage including the Pendo agent on any automated testing of Pendo sourced guides and badges or when performing detailed performance profiling.

Single API Key

Each API key (or "subscription") uses separate data stores. There are no mechanisms to automatically move data or settings between subscriptions. Pendo provides draft, staging, and public workflow concepts for in-app messaging components to meet testing and development needs. Pages and Features support multiple rules which can support upcoming changes to the web application.

Always Use Unique Visitor and Account IDs

Visitor and Account IDs must be unique per API key due to the way Pendo processes metadata values at this time. Blacklisting is insufficient to address ID collisions. If there are ID collisions between application instances, consider adding a prefix or suffix to indicate each non-production environment. Pendo tracks guide interaction behavior at the visitor ID level which can affect the presentation of guides. Non-production environments should also contain unique IDs to ensure visitors receive a consistent Guide experience.

Pages and Features

The retroactive Page and Feature analytics enables researching visitor interaction without getting Pages and Features perfect before pushing to production. Including the Pendo agent in pre-production code allows preparation for reporting on visitor activity immediately after a push to production.

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