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Managing multiple level accounts


If you have multiple levels of accounts - parent accounts on top of sub-accounts - you can pass this information to Pendo in the snippet. In addition, you will need to turn on a setting to enable multiple levels of subaccounts - contact to have that setting turned on.

Snippet Structure

The structure of the snippet with multiple levels of accounts looks as follows:

    (function(p,e,n,d,o){var v,w,x,y,z;o=p[d]=p[d]||{};o._q=[];

    // Call this whenever information about your visitors becomes available
    // Please use Strings, Numbers, or Bools for value types.

    visitor: {
      id:              'VISITOR-UNIQUE-ID'   // Required if user is logged in
      // email:        // Optional
      // role:         // Optional

      // You can add any additional visitor level key-values here,
      // as long as it's not one of the above reserved names.

    account: {
      id:           'ACCOUNT-UNIQUE-ID' // Highly recommended
      // name:         // Optional
      // planLevel:    // Optional
      // planPrice:    // Optional
      // creationDate: // Optional

      // You can add any additional account level key-values here,
      // as long as it's not one of the above reserved names.

    parentAccount: {
      id:           'PARENT-ACCOUNT-UNIQUE-ID'
      // name:         // Optional
      // You can add any additional master account level
      // key-values here.

note: we recommend grabbing the install snippet from the install settings page within the app as it will already have the correct API key populated in the snippet. This is a generic snippet that needs to have the last line swapped out with your actual API key

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