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Pendo Mobile SDK and network issues

No Internet when opening the app

If there is no internet connection when your application loads, the SDK will not collect analytics for that session. Note however that mobile sessions are usually short. On the next time the user opens your app, or after returning to the foreground after more than 30 minutes in the background, a new session begins and the SDK will try to connect to the internet again.

In case of no network connection, most guides will also not be shown to the user. Some of the mobile guides, such as Modify Text, are cached on the device to be ready immediately on app launch. These guides will work regardless of network connectivity.

Losing the network connection during a session

Mobile analytics will always be collected (as long as there was internet during mobile SDK ‘init’). The analytics are sent regularly to the server as long as the internet connection is live, and are cached when the device is not connected to the internet, so that they will be sent when the connection is re-established.

If there is no internet connection when the mobile SDK tries to download guide images or background images, or any other guide content which does not exist on your device, the guide will not be displayed.

note: The mobile SDK caches any image it downloads. If guide images are needed and it’s already cached on the user’s device, the guide will display. In general, inline images and backgrounds should be the smallest file size as possible to avoid long download times.

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