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Correlate device information with a customer user identifier

By default, Pendo anonymizes all user information. Pendo creates a unique device identifier for tracking purposes, but this identifier is not based on personal information. Customers sometimes find it useful to correlate the unique identifier created by Insert to a unique identifiers that they possess (or a hashed user identifier that can be correlated to the actual user identifier).

Example use cases:

  • Attribute survey feedback to a specific user
  • Understand what users are redeeming campaign offers
  • Enable Insert to retrieve additional user information to be used for segmentation purposes from a customer system

note: To correlate IDs in Pendo, you should set the Visitor Id attribute. In addition, you can specify that a visitor belongs to a company/organization by setting the Account Id attribute.

In order to set a visitor ID or account ID, please refer to the Pendo Mobile SDK integration instructions on the Pendo console.

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