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Why Use the Visual Design Studio


Pendo’s next generation of the Visual Designer for Pages, Features, and Guides includes:

  • An easier interface for styling Guides, in addition to more flexible layouts and the ability to change between guide types
  • An improved interface for tagging pages and features, to allow more precise heat map metrics and contextual information

This was released February 18th, 2019. This article covers the benefits using the Visual Design Studio and additional Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the Benefits?

The previous Guide designer is referred to as the “Legacy designer” - it leverages an iframe to deliver your app preview. Customers before February 18th, 2019 most likely used this experience.

The Visual Design Studio provides:


  • Create guides without having to code! Add and style content via a "point & click" experience.
  • Behaviors, such as “advance,” “submit polls” or “dismiss” buttons, can easily be added or configured via dropdown styled options within the Visual Designer.
  • Polls styled via the Designer without code. Add multiple polls to a single guide step and save them as part of layouts (formerly templates).


  • Transition a lightbox type Guide into a tooltip, a banner or even a walkthrough without needing to start over and retain your content and styles with each change as needed.
  • Create a variety of layouts for numerous use cases by saving an existing Guide as a layout via an icon in the designer action bar.
  • Keep content-writers on the rails by locking down the styles, while still allowing them the freedom to customize the content.
  • Retain access to custom Guide code for advanced use cases for the ultimate flexibility.


  • The Visual Designer launches over your application, without requiring you to iframe your application into Pendo. This launch method also provides more screen space during Guide creation.
  • The new building block guides (excluding those containing the “code block”) push packaged and intentional data into your application and then translate that content into your Guide.
  • Application administrators can choose to request that all code (HTML/CSS/JS) access for advanced use cases is disabled. The Visual Designer default setting is to allow code blocks, but you can submit a request to disable it by reaching out to your Pendo Representative.


  • Review and configure Guide content and settings without the need to launch the designer every time. The optimized Guide Details page will allow components of the Guide to be updated from the settings page.
  • Resource Center (formerly known as the Guide Center) is manageable outside of the designer so it can be built via a similar "point and click" experience. Thus, calling the need to rename it “Resource Center” because it can easily house more than a select list of in-app Guides. This can allow Pendo Administrators the ability to “create a beautiful Resource Center just like Pendo’s in mere minutes!”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum agent versions needed to use the new designer?

Any and all access to Visual Design Studio (Guides, pages, features) requires a minimum production agent version of 2.15.0. Additionally, access for the Resource Center by subscription admins will require a minimum production agent version of 2.16.0. Need to update your Agent Version? Use this article to manually update your Agent version.

Can I migrate my legacy Guide templates into the newer Guide layouts?

Due to the fact that these objects are fundamentally different, templates cannot be migrated automatically into layouts at this time. Layouts are more flexible than legacy templates so you may find that you won’t need all of your previous templates.

Do you need to create a Guide with an existing Template today?

Create your Guide in the Legacy Designer. This will remain available for the foreseeable future so you can maintain your existing Guides and Templates as you need. While sunsetting is on our long-term plan, we will notify you as soon as possible once timelines are established.

When will the legacy designer go away?

No set dates at this time. For customers who have had access to the Legacy Designer in the past, Pendo provides access to both designer options so users can manage their existing Pages, Features and Guides as needed. However, it is highly recommended to use the new designer moving forward as Pendo looks to sunset the legacy designer. This means the legacy designer is no longer be under development for future feature enhancements but will address any bugs to continue to maintain the feature. Once end-of-life dates are set, Pendo will message and work with customers as needed.

If you have any further questions, be sure to reach out to your Pendo Representative.

What if I have questions or feedback?

Join others in the Pendomonium Slack channel called #visual-designer. Pendo created this slack channel to work with customers as well as provide support through typical channels, including Pendo Support and Customer Success teams. Pendomonium is a community Slack workspace for Pendo customers to join free of charge.

If you would like to join, please reach out to your Pendo Representative.

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