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Throttling and Ordering


Concerned about bombarding your infrequent users with a series of automatic guides? Throttle automatic guide delivery to all of your end users by configuring a minimum time interval that Pendo will allow to pass between a user receiving one guide and the next.

How it works

You have a visitor who we’ll refer to as Jane throughout this example. Jane hasn’t logged in for the last month or so. During that month, your development team cranked out a bunch of cool new features, which you helped announce with lightboxes. You also launched an NPS campaign.

Jane logs in and the first thing that’s shown is a lightbox announcing new features from a month ago. Jane dismisses the first lightbox, only to be presented with the next feature announcement lightbox, and that lightbox is followed by an NPS survey.

Let’s turn on guide throttling, set the minimum interval to 1 hour, and see what the experience is like for Jane.

Jane logs in and the first thing that’s shown is a lightbox announcing new features from a month ago. Jane dismisses the first lightbox, and continues on using the product. An hour later, Jane is presented the next feature announcement lightbox. An hour after that, Jane is presented with an NPS survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn it on?

Ensure that your production environment is updated to Pendo agent v2.8.0+ in order to gain access to this feature. See the Guides portion of and proceed to the new Ordering tab to access the throttling settings.


To enable Throttling, your Pendo Admin can toggle it on within the modal and then set your minimum time interval between each automatic guide delivered to one of your end users - which can be any number of minutes, hours, or days.


Each time that a member of your team creates a new guide that has “Automatically” as one of its Activation settings, it will be added to the bottom of the Throttling queue

How do I reorder my guides?

Either drag and drop your guide in your desired sequence via the ordering table, or Use the up/down icon to move your guide up or down a single step, or to the top or bottom of the list.


note: once your guide has a status of “Disabled”, it will no longer appear within the ordering list.

What about important and urgent guides that I want to show to users regardless of the throttling settings?

You can “Override” the Throttling minimum time on a per-guide basis by selecting the “Override” checkbox when building your guide in the designer.


Now, even if a user already saw an automatic guide at 9:45AM and your throttling minimum time interval is 1 hour, your “Override” guide will be shown to them as soon as you push it live at say, 9:50AM, regardless of whether you still fall within the hour.

After the override, all other throttled guides will continue to respect the time increment that has been specified.

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