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Resource Center Overview

note: This article covers the Resource Center (formerly the Guide Center) experience launched Feb. 18th 2019. If you were a customer before this date and would like to use the Legacy Guide Center, you can refer back to the article that uses the legacy version.


The Resource Center (formerly the Guide Center) houses additional in-context help so it can be made readily available to your end users - includes any in-app Guides, “Onboarding,” “Code Sandbox,” and Integration modules.

note: To setup the Resource Center, you will need Pendo Administrator Permission.

To start your Resource Center setup, click on the Guides icon in the main left-hand navigation and choose "Resource Center."



The Resource Center consists of different modules or sections: Guides List, Onboarding, Integrations, & Code Sandbox.


What does each module provide?

  1. Integrations - Knowledge Base or Live Chat Integrations
  2. Guides list - List of In-App Guides
  3. Onboarding - List of Onboarding Guides with Progress Tracker
  4. Code Sandbox - Playground to create your desired module content.

Home Page - Draft

Choose all the modules you would like to setup in your Resource Center. Then, click on "Add Modules" when you’re ready to customize your Resource Center. You will be viewing the Resource Center home page viewing the Draft State preview:


Within the Draft state, you will see what your Resource Center overall will look like in the "Home View." The next preview states are for each module you selected. Hover over a module to click on "View More Details."

Guides List Customization

This module provides a list of Pendo Guides to your end users. Within this module, edit the content window to choose what Guides you would like to this list.


Once you add your Guides, you can click and drag to reorder them. You can also click on the display name to rename your Guide to a more user-friendly title without disrupting your internal naming convention.


Once you’re done editing the display names, click on save.

Then, segment this list to your desired target audience by customizing the Segment tile.



This module is customized like the Guides List module. Edit the Content tile to add all Guides you want to designate for your Onboarding module. Then edit the display names if you want it to use a more user-friendly title without disrupting your internal naming convention.


Once you’re done editing the display names, click on save. Then, segment this list to your desired target audience by customizing the Segment tile.


Code Sandbox

This module is like a playground to create your desired module content. Setup your customization using HTML, CSS or JavaScript after launching it in the Visual Design Studio.

Integrations Module Configuration

The Resource Center provides Knowledge Base and Live Chat integrations. Click on the "+ Add Integrations" to choose your Integrations modules for configuration.


note: This option is only available to users who purchased an integrations package. Please reach out to your Pendo Representative if you want to enable it.

Home Page - Staging

In this state, you will see a preview that includes anything that’s currently in Staging or Production. If you made changes in your Draft state and you’re ready to promote it to staging, be sure to click on the "Push to Staging" button from the Draft view.

Once you push changes to Staging, you will see your preview update accordingly.

Home Page - Production

If you never pushed anything into Production, or Public to your users, you will see a message telling you that there is no production content instead of a preview. Once you’re ready to promote your Staging updates to Production, you can use the button to promote Staging.


warning: For customers who already have the legacy Guide Center in production, be sure to disable it before pushing your Resource Center into your Production environment. Check out the FAQ below to learn how to disable the legacy Guide Center.

Preview In-App

Previewing a module in-app will open the Visual Design Studio to allow you to edit the look and feel of the Resource Center as well. The top Action Bar will the home view and then the subsequent modules you added to your Resource Center.

The Home View options include:

  • Resource Center title
  • Top Bar Color
  • Close Button
  • Module Names


Each module in the Action Bar will also allow additional customization options including:

  • Progress Icon and Fill Colors
  • Progress Bar and Fill Colors


For Activation Settings, you can customize the Badge icon, color and z-index:


You can also choose Target Element if you wanted to point it to an existing element in your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have these different stages?

The different stages will allow you to create updates in various states so you’re not pushing premature updates to your end users.

What if I have a module with no content?

If you have a module with no content and push the updates to production, the module will not display to your end users since there is no content.

Are ‘What’s New’ Guides included in the Resource Center?

Coming Soon! What’s New Guides will be renamed, "Announcements."

Do I need to disable my old Guide Center before enabling the Resource Center?

Yes. Be sure to disable the legacy Guide Center first before pushing the Resource Center to Production. Pushing the new Resource Center doesn’t disable the legacy Guide Center automatically. However, you will be able to edit the Resource Center in "Draft" or "Staging" states so you can prepare for the switch as you need.

How do I disable the legacy Guide Center from Production domains?

To disable the legacy Guide Center, first navigate to the in-app legacy designer and click on ‘Global Settings’ at the top-right. In the new menu, click on ‘Guide Center,’ and perform the following steps:

  1. Disable all of the sections shown
  2. Click ‘Save’ at the bottom
  3. Re-open the ‘Global Settings’ and click on ‘Copy to Production.’


note: This step is only necessary if you want to remove the Guide Center from Production domains.

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