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Setup NPS Overview


What is NPS?

The Net Promoter System (NPS) is a common metric to gauge customer loyalty and overall user satisfaction. Unlike other qualitative measures, NPS is a specific, calculated metric that can be measured over time, or compared across products / vendors. NPS is calculated by asking one question: How likely are you to recommend [this product or service] to a friend or co-worker?


Users are prompted to respond to the question using an eleven point (0 - 10) scale indicating their likeliness to recommend. The total NPS score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of “detractors” (those that respond 0 through 6) from the percentage of “promoters” (those that respond 9 or 10). A score can range from -100 (where everyone is a detractor) to 100 (where everyone is a promoter).

The methodology for Net Promoter scoring is owned by Bain & Company, and their site provides much more detail around the methodology and scoring.

Pendo NPS Feature Set Overview

Pendo’s NPS functionality allows you to deliver your survey in-app survey and then provide an email back-up to users who didn’t respond within their 14-day window. Once you have your survey setup, you can receive responses to a Slack channel in real-time and initiate action on the feedback with your company as soon as possible.

In-app + Email Backup + Slack Integration

Create A New NPS Survey

Start by clicking on the "Create New NPS Survey" to go through the setup wizard when you log in. The wizard will take you through 4 main steps:

  1. Delivery
  2. Content
  3. Segment
  4. Schedule


Choose the delivery method you wish to use: delivery.png

If you have multiple web applications setup within your Pendo subscription, choose the application you desire: delivery_chooseApp.png

In-app Only

This option allows you to only survey your users in-app. Once you choose this option, you will move into the Content section without seeing additional email configuration options.

In-app + Email

If you want to setup your NPS survey in-app and send a follow-up via email if a user wasn’t able to see it in their 14 day window, choose this option.

note: Email backup will require you to schedule a recurrence and enable Even Distribution. This will help trigger emails to users after 14 days.


In-app Only

Within the “Content” step, you can customize your survey question, your follow-up questions and your success message:


In-App + Email If you chose this option, you will see additional follow-up configurations for email settings:


  1. Sender Name - Add your desired sender display name.
  2. Recipient Metadata - Choose the metadata field that captures your user’s actual email address. The survey will be delivered to this email address.
  3. Logo - Add a little bit of your company branding to the email by uploading your desired logo.
  4. Test email - Verify how the email’s look and read by sending it to yourself.


By default, you will see “Everyone” as the segment choice. Most companies want to survey customers after at least 30 days so users have a chance to use the product. Choose "Custom…" to adjust to narrow down your target audience by adjusting conditions users will need to meet. Here is an example of what your custom segment could look like:



In-app Only

Within the Schedule step, you can choose how often your users will be surveyed, when you to start, and if you want to enable Even Distribution.

Choose how often you want your visitors to be surveyed:

  • Every 90, 180, or 360 Days: Visitors will receive recurring guide delivery based on the option selected
    • For example, if you would like to run a quarterly NPS campaign for this segment, you would select "Every 90 Days" and Pendo would automatically repeat the cadence
  • One time only: visitors will only be surveyed one time

Then, choose when the campaign should start. Lastly, choose if you would like to enable "Even Distribution."


Even Distribution

Even Distribution allows your team to receive a constant flow of data throughout your desired recurrence. When it’s is enabled, Pendo will automatically assign each user (uniformly, randomly, and distributed by visitorID) a 14-day window during which they can see a guide.

Even distribution options:

  • Yes: Pendo will slowly make a different set of your eligible visitors to receive the survey each day over the course of your desired time frame (90, 180, or 360 days). Each visitor will have a total of 14 days to potentially login and see the survey. Choose this option if your team continuously analyzes and acts upon NPS results throughout the year.

  • No: As soon as any eligible visitors log into your application post survey publication, they will be surveyed immediately - choose this option if your team tends to analyze NPS results on specific dates each year.

note: Independent of the Yes/No decision made for this parameter, each of your visitors will not be polled more than your selected recurrence - 90, 180, or 360 days.

Learn more about how Even Distribution is calculated.

In-App + Email

In addition to choosing how often you want to survey your desired users and start date, enabling Even Distribution is required for this option.


If the user is eligible to see the guide and did not answer within their 14-day window, he or she will receive a follow-up survey via email. This means if a user exited the survey or just didn’t log into your application in the 14-day window will trigger the follow-up email.

note: Pendo requires a user to have logged into your application at least once since your Pendo installation. Otherwise, Pendo doesn’t have a record of the user. Then, Even Distribution allows Pendo to assign the user to a 14-day window within your NPS recurrence when you setup your NPS survey. This way, if a user has not logged in during their assigned 14-day window, a follow-up email will still be triggered.

Once you’re done, click on "Save & Exit."

After you publish your NPS Guide, close the loop

All responses and views will be captured within Pendo. You will be able to create additional custom segments to help you review the response data.

The NPS methodology recommends an open-ended follow-up to the specific numerical score. Organizations are encouraged to connect directly with customers who have provided a score to better understand and address their specific feedback to create an actionable tool to improve the customer experience.

Check out Pendo’s Slack Integration to help you keep a pulse on NPS in real-time.

NPS Guide Activation FAQ

Why don’t I see the survey?

NPS will display automatically to the targeted and chosen user. If you don’t see the NPS survey right away, you might not meet the requirements of your segment. If you happen to meet all segment rules and you have Even Distribution enabled, you are most likely not chosen in the randomized group.

If I edit my survey, will users see the survey again?

Users who have already seen the NPS won’t see the survey again until your desired recurrence time period is over.

Do you have an existing NPS survey?

If you have an existing NPS survey before Sept. 12, 2018, you can upgrade your NPS Survey to get new functionality such as email backup and the new survey management experience.

Learn more on upgrading your survey.

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