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note: This article covers the new Visual Design Studio Guide experience, launched Feb. 18th, 2019. If you were a customer before this date and would like to use the Classic Designer, you can refer back to the previous version.


Pendo updated their Guide experience to the Visual Design Studio as of February 18th, 2019. This article is to help users accommodate to the Visual Design Studio’s nomenclature. To start your Guide creation process, click on “Guides” in the left-hand navigation menu.

Themes & Layouts

Themes and Layouts can help you manage your Guide branding by giving Pendo Administrators the ability to set up certain themes and layouts Guide creators can use.


Currently in Beta. Themes are used to style your default Themes for your Guide containers, typography, and buttons. To edit your default themes, choose the dropdown option in the upper right-hand corner of the Guides section and select "Edit Default Theme." You will then be promoted to open the Designer, where you will see options to edit your default theme:



Layouts are Guide templates that you can save to reuse the same structure in a Guide step as needed. Once you save a Guide layout, you will see it in your options. Here is an example of what options you might see:


note: Your view might be different depending on what your Pendo Subscription Administrators want to provide users.

Learn more in the Layouts article

Guide Designer

When you first open the Visual Design Studio, the Guide Designer will launch over your application. It will include multiple tools, as well as a Guide preview. The Designer is accessible to any Pendo user, with the exception of those who are "Read Only."


Action Bar

The Action Bar will appear at the top of the Guide Designer. It contains the title of your Guide, its publication status, options to save the Guide and exit the Designer, and Navigation Mode, which will allow you to navigate through your Guide as a user would.

If you have elements behind the Action Bar at the top of your page, choose the double-arrow icon in the top right-hand corner to move the Action Bar to the bottom of your screen:


Step Tray

The Step Tray can be accessed by clicking on the arrow at the center of the Action Bar. In the Step Tray, you will see options to customize your activation method and add additional steps to your Guide.



Activation refers to how your Guide appears to users. You can access your Guide’s Activation options by opening the Step Tray and clicking on the Activation box on the left-hand side:


You will have three Activation options to choose from:

  • Automatic: Guide appears once automatically until dismissed or advanced.
  • Badge: Guide appears after a visitor clicks or hovers over a badge icon.
  • Target Element: Guide appears after a visitor clicks on a targeted element.

In addition, a Guide can simultaneously utilize different activation methods to achieve a desired behavior. For instance, you can set a Guide to appear both automatically and with a badge.

Learn more in the Guide Activation Options article.

Guide Container

The Guide Container refers to the blue border that appears when you hover over the edge of a Guide. Click on this to open the Edit Container menu, where you can change the style, location, and behavior of your Guide.


Edit Container menu

The Edit Container menu contains multiple options for styling your Guide, editing its location, and controlling its behavior. The following is a breakdown of each element in this menu:


  • General
    • Background color
    • Guide Width (px)
    • Padding (px)
    • Border - Color, Width (px) & Radius (for rounded corners)
    • Caret - (if enabled) Width (px) & Height (px)
  • More Options
    • Drop shadow - (if enabled) Color & Opacity
    • Backdrop - (if enabled) Color & Opacity



  • Position on Page
  • Element Location (if applicable)
  • Page Location - Sitewide or Only on this page
  • Device Type - All devices, desktop & tablets only, or mobile web only



  • Close “x” Button
  • Action


Building Blocks

A Guide is comprised of Building Blocks. Each Building Block will offer you an option to add:

  • Text
  • Button
  • Multi Button
  • Image
  • Open Text Poll
  • Yes/No Poll
  • Number Scale Poll
  • Multi Choice Poll
  • Custom Code


You can access the Building Blocks menu by placing your cursor inside a Guide and clicking on the blue horizontal line that appears. It will look like this:


Learn more in the Building Blocks article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Pendo user permissions will I need to use the Visual Design Studio?

To use the Visual Design Studio, Pendo users will need either one of these permissions:

  • Pendo Administrator Permissions
  • Pendo User Permissions
    • Manage Published Guides
    • Create Guides & Templates from Scratch
    • Create Guides from templates

Take a look at the User Roles (Matrix View) to learn more about what each specific permission will allow you to do in Pendo.

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