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Visitor Segments for Mobile

Visitor Lists Segmentation

Pendo allows you to upload a .csv file with a list of visitors that you would like to include/exclude from the segment. When choosing to create a new segment rule, select “User Lists” from the navigation panel, mark the “Include users who…” checkbox. You will then need to choose to include or exclude the user list. Click on “Choose List” and then “Import User List”. You will then be prompted to upload the .csv file.


This can become handy if your app does not set the visitorId with Insert or if you want to refer to anonymous visitors. Another use case could be to build a list based on a survey’s answer, you can find the device Ids in the survey export.

File Format

The uploaded file should be a .csv type only.

  • The first line should include the string ‘visitorId’ (case sensitive!).
  • Then list the visitor Ids, each one in its own line.
    • For example, to segment only visitor (“1255”, “3445”, “546” and “76767”) the file should look like this:


note: It is also possible to create a list of device ids instead of visitor ids. In this case, the first line in the file should include the string ‘deviceId’.

Once the upload is complete, you will see the new list in the table along with the number of devices in the list.

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