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Mobile Custom Events

New: Custom Events analytics

You may now collect and track your Mobile Custom Events in your Track Event!


Mobile Custom Events allow your app developers to collect events analytics, programmatically trigger guides or to be used as Segments. To use custom events in Pendo, you need first to define the events in the Pendo console (follow this guide) and then place the generated snippet in your app to trigger the event.

For Swift you may use:

var params: Dictionary<String, String> = Dictionary();
InsertManager.sharedManager().eventOccurred("EVENT_NAME_HERE", params:params);

Use Custom Event as a guide’s Segment

You can use custom event occurrence or non-occurrence as part of the definition of a mobile segment. To do so, click on "+ Create New Segment" and go to the App Activity section. After enabling app activity segmentation, select Custom Event from the activity type dropdown.

Next select the event for which you want to build a rule, and specify the desired conditions for the rule.

Custom Even Trigger.png

You can use as many different custom events as you want in the mobile segment definition.

Use Custom Event as a guide’s trigger

To launch a guide using a custom events, select the "Trigger Type" as "Custom Event". And select the relevant event. Once the event will be called in the app, the guide would be triggered!

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