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Troubleshoot: Classic In-App Designer


If you see a "Loading Error" after entering a URL with Pendo installed from your web application into the in-app designer into the "URL" field and hitting the submission arrow, something didn’t work correctly.

"I don’t see my app"

Your app did not load at all, and the "Loading Error" displays

This is likely the result of X-Frame-Options. This is a setting - usually on your server - that tells browsers not to load your site inside of an iframe. Because our in-app tagging/guide experience is inside an iframe, your page comes up blank. In this case, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser, and installing the Ignore X-Frame-Headers extension.

"I see my app"

Your app did load, but the "Loading Error" still displays

This likely means the Pendo snippet is not installed or is installed incorrectly on the page. Consult your engineering team to confirm the code is available from all pages of your application. If you see guides appear on the left panel and then disappear on certain pages in your application, this is almost certainly the cause. Some Pendo customers prefer not to install Pendo on their login page, for example. This is fine, but you will not be able to tag features or create guides on these pages.

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