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Help Launching Visual Designer


When you choose to "Manage Guides In-App," a new browser tab or window will launch to show you a preview of your app with the Guide displayed. If this didn’t occur, the following scenarios may help you before you reach out to support.

If new a browser tab or window didn’t launch

  • Confirm that a tab didn’t open into a different browser window.
  • Your browser (or plugin/extension) may have settings that prevents sites from opening a new tab or window. Please modify these browser settings.

If a new tab opens, but your app does not load

  • Make sure you put in the right URL for your application

If a new tab opens & your app loads, but no Pendo Guide preview displays

  • Make sure the Pendo snippet is installed on the page you are viewing. To verify, follow the steps via the Browser Developer Console:

    • Open up your application in a browser tab and sign into your app (not Pendo) as a user
    • Open the Browser Developer Console
    • Type pendo.validateInstall() into the console and hit enter
    • Information on the Visitor’s identifiable metadata will be returned. If the snippet is not installed on this page, an error will show.
  • Make sure you are using at least version 2.14.10 of pendo agent. To validate your version number:

    • Navigate to "Install Settings" by clicking on your username in the lower left-hand corner.
    • Choose "Agent Settings" and validate your "Production Environment" version number.
  • Your app may have re-directed and dropped the Pendo query parameter. If you put in as the URL something like, then in the new tab you should see a URL in your browser URL bar that looks something like:

  • If you are not seeing the pendo-designer=xxxx part, then your application may have redirected to a different page (for example, from to, and in doing so, dropped the “pendo-designer=xxxx” part. If this is the case, try using the redirected url (eg: when you enter in the URL from guide detail page.
    • If you still don’t see the parameter, click on the "Don’t see the designer?" drop down. You should see the "Alt (option on mac)+ shift + 8" shortcut-key to perform the shortcut.

Browser Local Storage

Pendo Guide designer leverages your browser’s local storage from your cookie settings. Please make sure to enable it in your browser settings.

For example, if you use Chrome, “Keep local storage” item should be turned to “off” for it to work correctly like this:


Safari Browser

Make sure you’re using the latest version of Safari. In most cases, Safari will maintain site cookies. So if the designer launch fails on the first attempt with Safari, clear cookies and all future attempts should work fine. If you’re unsure on how to clear these cookies, check out Safari’s documentation.

Shortcut Key to Launch the Designer

After you logged into Pendo, open a browser tab and use the following shortcut key to launch the designer from the Guide details page:


If you’re already using this shortcut key for another application, you can turn off Pendo shortcut key. To do this, navigate to "Subscription Settings" and choose the appropriate app. From the list, uncheck the shortcut key.

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