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Help Launching Guide Designer


When you choose to "Manage Guides In-App," a new browser tab or window will launch to show you a preview of your app with the Guide displayed. If this didn’t occur, the following scenarios may help you before you reach out to support.

If new a browser tab or window didn’t launch

  • Confirm that a tab didn’t open into a different browser window.
  • Your browser (or plugin/extension) may have settings that prevents sites from opening a new tab or window. Please modify these browser settings.

If a new tab opens, but your app does not load

  • Make sure you put in the right URL for your application

If a new tab opens & your app loads, but no Pendo Guide preview displays

  • Make sure the Pendo snippet is installed on the page you are viewing. To verify, follow the steps via the Browser Developer Console:

    • Open up your application in a browser tab and sign into your app (not Pendo) as a user
    • Open the Browser Developer Console
    • Type pendo.validateInstall() into the console and hit enter
    • Information on the Visitor’s identifiable metadata will be returned. If the snippet is not installed on this page, an error will show.
  • Make sure you are using at least version 2.14.10 of pendo agent. To validate your version number:

    • Navigate to "Install Settings" by clicking on your username in the lower left-hand corner.
    • Choose "Agent Settings" and validate your "Production Environment" version number.
  • Your app may have re-directed and dropped the Pendo query parameter. If you put in as the URL something like, then in the new tab you should see a URL in your browser URL bar that looks something like:

  • If you are not seeing the pendo-designer=xxxx part, then your application may have redirected to a different page (for example, from to, and in doing so, dropped the “pendo-designer=xxxx” part. If this is the case, try using the redirected url (eg: when you enter in the URL from guide detail page.
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