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Guide Staging


Adding a staging server to Pendo allows you to test your guides before releasing them in your production environment. Guides with "Staged" status will only appear on the server hosts/domains added to your Staging settings by admins of your Pendo subscription (i.e., *

note: Guides set to "Public" status will still appear on staging servers.

Add a Staging Server

As an admin, click the gear in the bottom-left hand corner of > Staging. From there, click the "+ Add Server Host/Domain" button. Next, select the server or servers that you would like to set as your staging servers or type a domain and hit add.


Clear Guide Data

Automatic guides only display for visitors which have no dismissal event for the guide. A dismissal event occurs, typically, when selecting the top right X in any of the steps. When testing your guides, you may want to see these guides multiple times. To do this, you will need to clear the guide data. This will reset all of the collected guide data. You can use this option to have the guide appear again to users who have previously seen and dismissed it.

This option is only available while a guide is in the "Staged" status. Data can be cleared from the guide details page (accessible by clicking on the name of a specific guide from the Guides page). From there the following note will be present at the top of the page. Click on ‘Clear Data.’

warning: This will reset all of the collected guide data. You likely do not want to clear guide data if the guide has previously gone public to your visitors.


You can also clear data when editing a guide within the guide designer.


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