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Guide Details - Settings (Visual Designer)

note: This article covers the Guide experience launched Feb. 18th 2019. If you were a customer before this date and would like to use the Legacy Designer, you can refer back to the version that uses the legacy designer.


The guide details page provides a detailed readout of interaction and metrics for a specific guide. Click a guide’s name from the guide list to navigate to this view. The Guide Details includes 2 sections: Settings & Metrics.



Settings section of the Guide Details Page include a Content, Activation, Segment, Scheduling tiles. These tiles allow you to View or manage each component accordingly. Settings will also include additional options and Group assigment.


1 - Content

The Content section provides the Guide preview. If you have multiple steps, you will be able to scroll through the steps without having to launch the designer.


2 - Activation

This tile summarizes the chosen activation method(s) for the Guide. This can be any combination of Automatic with Badge or Element Click the Guide will use. This method is setup during Guide creation and can be updated within the designer as needed.


Take a look at the Guide Activation Options article to learn more.

3 - Segment

The segment tile summarizes the Guide targeting rules and the total number of eligible visitors as of today.


4 - Scheduling

If you want to set the Guide to start and/or expire at a specific date or time, edit it from this tile.


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