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Guide Button Actions

note: This article covers the new Visual Design Studio Guide experience, launched Feb. 18th, 2019. If you were a customer before this date and would like to use the Classic Designer, you can refer back to the previous version.


Create a Pendo Guide with preset button actions without needing to code how it works. Guide button actions include:

  • Dismiss Guide - The selected default button action is set to “Dismiss Guide.” This is the same action that happens when you “X” out of a Guide.

  • Next Step - When you have multiple steps or a walkthrough, choose this action if you want the user to advance to the “next step.”

  • Submit All Polls + Advance Guide - This action combines submitting all poll responses when a poll is present and advance your Guide to the next step or dismiss.

  • URL link - This action allows you to setup a button to launch an external link instead.

Note: The following button actions require Agent version 2.17.13 or higher:

  • Launch Guide - This action allows you to choose another Pendo Guide to start.

  • Previous Step - When you have multiple steps or a walkthrough, choose this action if you want the user to go back to a previous step.


Launch Guide

When you choose this option, you will be prompted to select your desired Guide from a dropdown list of guides. In this dropdown list, you will see all of your “Staged” and “Public” Guides. This list is sorted by Guides that start on the current page URL and then in alphabetical order after those Guides.

note: Disabled Guides, staged Guides, drafted Guides, and the Resource Center (including individual modules) do not show up as an option for Launch Guide button action.


warning: Be sure to choose a Guide that can be activated on the same page and for the same target segment. If you choose a Guide that can’t be activated on the current page and for the same segment of visitors, the user may think the Guide is broken because the next Guide didn’t activate.

Once your Guide is published and a user clicks on this button, Pendo will automatically dismiss the current Guide and activate the linked Guide behind the scenes. If you choose a Guide that can’t be activated on the current page, the current Guide will only be dismissed.

The linked Guide can’t be activated for a visitor who doesn’t meet your segment rules as well. When choosing your Guide be sure to check the segment rules for the linked Guide as well.

Previous Step

When building a walkthrough, you will be able to choose “Previous Step” as a button action starting with your second Guide step.

note: If you switch your first step with another one containing a “Previous Step” button, you will see an error messaging letting you know to update your button.


Compound Button Actions

In some cases, you may need to setup a Guide button to perform two actions such as:

  • Dismiss the Guide and open an external link
  • Open an external link and advance to the next step in a walkthrough
  • Open an external link and go back to the previous step in a walkthrough

When you add your button, click on the "+ Action" option under your first action (1) like "Dismiss a Guide." Then, choose your second action (2) like "Open an external link" and enter your URL:


Frequently Asked Questions

To use the Visual Design Studio, Pendo users will need some of permissions:

  • Pendo Administrator Permission OR
  • Pendo User Permissions
    • Manage Published Guides
    • Create Guides & Templates from Scratch
    • Create Guides from templates

Take a look at the User Roles (Matrix View) to learn more about what each specific permission will allow you to do in Pendo.

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