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More on Custom Code Block


Visual Design Studio is made to be more user-friendly to non-technical users, but the Code Block allows technical users to leverage additional customization options to their Guides. Once you select the code block, you will be prompted to add HTML, CSS or JavaScript:


note: Custom code can affect any content and styles rendered in the current view of the browser, including building blocks.

How Do I Find Building Block Classes?

Each building block will have an ID associated to it. Currently, you can user your browser inspect feature to find the class to use within your custom code. For Chrome users as an example, once you right-click and inspect on an element in your Guide preview, you can see something like the following:


How Do I Add Global Styling to My Guides?

Coming Soon! With the Visual Design Studio, Pendo is currently working on an option to allow administrators to setup Global Styles, called Themes, without having to code it within CSS. Once a Global Style is setup, Guide theme options will be inherited when users create a new Guide.

Themes is currently available within the Beta Program. If you wish to try out the beta build, please reach out to your Pendo Representative.

Can I Turn Off Code Block For My Pendo Subscription?

Yes. If you wish to turn Code Block off for your Pendo Subscription, please reach out to your Pendo Representative to add your request.

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