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Chrome Designer Feature Status (Legacy Designer)

warning: This Chrome Extension no longer in development. Pendo is looking to release a new Guide Designer experience that doesn’t require an extension or plugin shortly. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Pendo Representative.

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Page/Feature Tagging
Feature Status
Tag Pages Done
Tag Features Done
Edit Pages Done
Merge Pages Done
Merge Features Done
Assign Pages and Features to Group Done
Edit/Create Groups Not Done
Feature Status
View Heatmap of Feature Usage Not done
Guide Building
Feature Status
Create Lightbox Guides Done
Create Tooltip Guides Done
Create Banner Guides Done
Create Walkthrough Guides Done
Select Form Templates / Starter Themes Done
Use form Templates Done
Set Layout (height, position, etc) Done
Edit HTML, JS, CSS Done
Location: Select page/sitewide, and target element Done
Scheduling: set Start and End date Done
Set Transition type for Walkthrough step Done
Pick existing Audience Segment Done
Create NPS Guide Done
Create Custom Segment Done
Create What’s New guides Not Done
Create Polls in Guides Not Done
Launch guide from Badge Not Done
Launch guide from Guide Center Not Done
Launch guide from Element Click Not Done
WYSIWYG editor Not Done
Filter/Sort guides list view by various attributes Not Done
Target guide to Mobile vs Web Not Done
Large Code Editor experience Not Done
[Subscription Flagged] Create Onboarding Guides Not Done
[Subscription Flagged] Get JSON dump of Guide Data Not Done
Global Settings
Feature Status
Create/Edit/Delete Templates Not Done
Modify Global CSS Not Done
Activate and modify Guide Center Not Done
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