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Mobile App Rating

Mobile - Conditional Rating Guide

Show visitors a rating poll and present follow up messages based on the user’s initial rating. This guide begins with a 5-star app satisfaction question, and the next interaction is based on the user’s response. For example, Those that indicate a high level of satisfaction will be asked to provide a rating in the App Store or Google Play. Those that indicate dissatisfaction will be asked to provide further feedback without ever leaving the app. Note: According to Apple’s guidelines, the app-store rating should be requested in-app.

Google Play Rating in Android

In order to rate the app in Android OS, the visitor would need to go to Google Play app page. We advise asking promoter users (4/5 stars raters) to do so using another step in the conditional rating guide. rateAnd.png

In-app Rating Request in iOS

iOS11 introduced changes in the way in which Apple requires app owners to ask their users for app rating. Apple officially announced that it is not appropriate to send users to rate the app in the App Store. Instead, Apple offers an in-app rating dialog which enables the user to rate the app without leaving it.


It’s important to note that Apple does not guarantee to open the Rating Dialog each time the app requests for it. Opening this dialogue is dependent on the history of the user in the app and his previous rating requests as well as the user not opting out such requests. To support this guideline, Pendo supports a new action in iOS: "Open the iOS Rating Dialog", selectable from any guide button. This action will try to open the Apple Rating Dialog. Since it is not guaranteed that the rating dialogue will open, the best practice is to never ask the user directly for rating. Here are two examples of possible app-rating request flows:

  1. Ask the user for his satisfaction from a specific flow he’s completed in the app or from the app in general. If the user answered ‘Yes’, try opening the rating dialogue. Do not mention that you are going to ask for store review. In this example the action ‘Open the iOS Rating Dialog’ is selected for the ‘Yes’ button of an in-app message: rateInapp.png

  2. Ask the user to rate his satisfaction from the app or from a specific flow he’s completed in the app using the ‘Conditional Rating’ guide. If the user provided a high rating, try opening the rating dialogue. If the user provided a low rating, ask him for more feedback. In this example, the action ‘Open the iOS Rating Dialog’ was selected for the 4 and 5-star rating, or for the ‘Very Good’ answer options. rateMulti.png rateStar.png

note: This feature is supported in iOS SDK 50 onwards. The iOS Rating Dialog is offered by Apple from iOS version 10.3 onwards.

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