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Pendo 101: Paths

The Basics

A Path is a visual representation that allows you to discover the previous steps that led to, or the next steps after, a particular tagged page or feature’s usage.

For example, if you’re curious where users go after visiting your Home page, Paths can give you an idea of what that looks like.

paths To get started building a path, click create path.

Create Path

create-path1 create-path2

  1. Page/Feature: this is either your starting page/feature, or your ending page/feature.

  2. Previous or Next Steps: do you want to see what users did before viewing a specific page or interacting with a feature? Select previous steps. Conversely, if you’re wondering where visitors go after viewing a specific page or interacting with a feature, select next steps.

Path Results


note: The Path results graphic displays data that represents a conceptual ‘path of interaction’. This can be thought of as targeting only the data that shows movement through an application. As a result, Path data counts will almost never exact-match corresponding feature and page data. For example, if a user is currently on a page and then reloads that page, the second page count will automatically be removed from the path as it doesn’t capture any meaningful progress through the application.

Navigating the Path Tree Map

You can drill down layer by layer by clicking on various parts of the path tree map. By doing so, you’re able to see how visitors ended up at the page/feature, or where they went to immediately following their interaction with the page/feature.

To reset your view, click the button in the top right corner of the path window.

Path Visitor List


  1. Visitor List: this list represents all visitors who viewed the starting or ending page/feature.

  2. Time to Next Step: when applicable, this column displays the exact time it took for the visitor to continue to the next step.
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