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A Path is a visual representation that allows you to discover the previous steps that led to or the next steps since a particular tagged feature’s usage.

If you want to take a look at how users progress through a specific set of pages/features, funnels can be a great tool in identifying ‘drop-off’.


Paths are particularly useful when you are unsure how users are navigating your product.

Create a Path

  • When creating a path you can set a segment and date range just like everything else in Pendo.
  • Then you will select which Feature you would like to investigate.
  • Select the Previous or the Next steps from that feature.
  • Select the level of detail you would like in the Advanced Options at the bottom of the Create Path page.


Cross-App Paths (Beta)

For customers who have multiple applications, you will see an additional option to choose your app. In this beta, you can see where your users go across your applications. To do this, check the box for “Follow paths across apps” underneath the page, feature or Track Event dropdown.


After you adjust your path settings, click on “Create Path” when you’re ready to see your path generated.

Once your Path is generated, you will see a new dropdown at the top of your path visual. You use it to adjust your view by app if your users crossed between applications. If you have multiple applications in your path, you will see a legend of apps with names and an associated color to distinguish each app.


You will still have a View by Group option to see path by the group Page, Feature, Track Event it’s assigned to like the default for a path within a single app.


Once you save your Path report, you will be able to see your report type as “Multiple Apps” (Beta) in your list of Path reports.


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