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Feature Designer Heatmap (Visual Design Studio)

note: This article uses the visual designer experience launched Feb. 18th 2019. If you were a customer before this date and would like to use the Legacy Designer, you can refer back to the version that uses the legacy designer.


The feature designer heatmap allows you to see all of your tagged features and have an intuitive view of their usage.


To view your heatmap, navigate to the "Features" tab in Pendo and click on "Manage Features In-App" in the top right corner. Within the designer, click on "Show Tagged Features" in the bottom left corner.


Note: If you were customer before Feb. 18, 2019 and would like to use the legacy designer, use this article and choose “Manage in Legacy Designer” option in Pendo.

This heat-map uses the date range specified in Pendo, to generate a color organized view of features that have been tagged. Simply, the hotter the feature, the more it is used.

Heatmap Date Range

This heatmap uses the date range specified in your Pendo filters before you navigate to the feature designer.


To change this date range, you will need to exit the designer and update the date range filter.



  • Total Clicks: Number of unique feature clicks based on the date range
  • Unique Visitors: Number of unique visitors based on the date range
  • Accounts: Number of unique accounts based on the date range


You can edit tagged features without exiting the visual designer by hovering over the feature name and clicking on the edit icon. From here, you can customize the feature name, group, page location, or feature element match. Once you’re done, click on "Save Changes" button.

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