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Advanced path options


In Pendo, our Paths have advanced options that allow you to decide what type of information you would like displayed. Click here to get a more general overview of Paths.


note: If you do not customize your Advanced Options, we will default to the settings in the above image.

Display Options

  • Show Pages & Features
  • Show Pages Only
  • Show Features Only

Collapse Repeating Steps

If "Collapse Repeating Steps" is checked, the same page or event will never appear consecutively in a path, only the first occurrence will be shown.

For example, if a user did:

  • Page A > Page B > Page B > Page C

We collapse that down to:

  • Page A > Page B > Page C

Remove Duplicate Visitor Paths

We would expect that with the "Remove Duplicate Visitor Paths" box checked, you would see a reduction in the percentages and number of views (as long as duplicate paths are present).

For example, if a user had the four below paths:

  • Page A > Page B > Page C
  • Page A > Page B > Page C
  • Page A > Page B > Page D
  • Page A > Page B > Page E

We would remove the duplicate [A, B, C] path leaving three unique paths for the Visitor:

  • Page A > Page B > Page C
  • Page A > Page B > Page D
  • Page A > Page B > Page E

Maximum Path Length

This settings is putting a cap on how many steps can be included in your path. With 10 as the maximum, you will only see path activity 10 steps deep.

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